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Things to Consider about HVAC Careers in Oakland

Oakland is a large city and has many large buildings, all of which require HVAC services. This results in a high demand and rewarding field to enter. HVAC professionals in Oakland who are trained have the possibility of working in either new construction, service and maintenance or sales positions within the HVAC industry. Some of the buildings HVAC technicians will work in are office buildings, hospitals and manufacturing facilities.

Newly qualified HVAC technicians in Oakland will usually start their working career under the supervision of a more experienced HVAC technician. After some time you can decide to specialize in a specific field such as maintenance, installation or sales. Good interpersonal skills together with technical ability are required to achieve your goals in whatever aspect of HVAC you decide to specialize in.

HVAC Technician Salaries in Oakland

As Oakland is a large city with many buildings that need servicing salaries for HVAC technicians in Oakland are very good. Those straight out of college can expect to earn between $25,000-$30,000. More experienced technicians can expect to earn between $35,000-$40,000. There is also the opportunity to consult with companies which can bring in added income.

Requirements for Licensing HVAC Technicians in Oakland

There are standard modules that are taken in the HVAC industry. Training can last on average from six months to two years. Although technicians can specialize in a specific field they will be trained in all aspects to begin with. HVAC modules typically consist of:

Disposing and recycling
Following blueprints
Diagnosing problems
Installing new systems

Online courses offer those already working the opportunity for flexible training.

Oakland HVAC Schools

Peralta College
900 Fallon Street
Oakland, California 94607

California State University
Ste 109, 1000 Broadway
Oakland, CA 94607-4033

Information for Financial Aid in Oakland

If money is tight and you require financial aid to pursue a career as a HVAC technician in Oakland there may be some programs available to help with the costs of your education. You should complete the FAFSA online application in order to determine if you qualify for federal aid. You can also check with your schools financial aid office for further information and applications for aid.