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Aspects to consider about HVAC training in Portland

Portland’s HVAC training allows you to take advantage of an exciting and challenging career opportunity in the Portland area. Qualified candidates can receive great pay and benefits within the many sectors in the HVAC industry. Technicians can work in various sectors such as, HVAC service technicians whose main job involves the servicing and maintenance of previously installed systems. HVAC sales, another sector, allows technicians to develop relationships with building owners. HVAC installers job is to implement new HVAC systems in new construction. They must be able to read plans and blueprints to ensure correct installation of HVAC equipment.

Trained professionals can work for large companies with hundreds of employees offering some of the highest wages and best benefits in the HVAC industry. At the other end of the spectrum you could choose to work for a smaller business which may offer a more “family type” environment. What area you choose to go into will most likely effect your decision. With the larger companies there is a greater possibility of moving your way up the ladder.

HVAC Technician Wages in Portland

Portland HVAC professionals can expect to make $24,000-$36,000 per year. You can also expect benefits, sick leave and holidays depending on experience, education and where you work. There is also the possibility of consultation work which can bring in additional income. Experienced technicians can also start their own HVAC business in Portland.

Portland’s Licensing Requirements for HVAC Technicians

Most vocational schools have six month to two year programs in HVAC certification. Each state has different licensing requirements however usually a period of one to two years apprenticeship is also required before you are considered skilled. Most course requirements consist of:

Repairing and diagnosing problems
Testing and adjusting equipment
Electronic components
Installing new HVAC systems

You can also take online courses if you need a self-paced curriculum. This is advantageous to those already in part-time or full-time employment.

HVAC Schools in Portland

Portland Community College
705 N. Killingsworth
Portland, Oregon 97217

ITT Tech Portland Campus
Portland, Oregon

Financial Aid Information

You can check with your schools financial aid office to get information and see if you qualify for assistance. For federal aid go to the FAFSA website and complete the online application to see if you can get assistance there.