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An Introduction to heating, ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC) Careers in Seattle

Working in Seattle’s heating, ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC) industries is a good idea because they provide stable employment and skills that are in high demand. Students who wish to work in these industries usually complete a one or two-year training program at a local community college to become a certified HVAC mechanic.

Once they have completed this training, students are usually hired by local businesses or government agencies as entry-level HVAC mechanics who work on a wide variety of commercial and residential HVAC systems.

These jobs require HVAC mechanics to install or maintain heating, ventilation or air conditioning systems in such a way that the systems always function properly. As a result, HVAC mechanics often work irregular schedules that require them to work at anywhere at any time.

HVAC Technician Salary Outlook

The salaries for HVAC mechanics who work in Seattle are some of the best in the country. A typical HVAC mechanic can earn around $35,000-$42,000 per year working in Seattle. This salary depends on experience and the type of work involved. Mechanics with more experience and certifications can find higher paying jobs.


Seattle residents who wish to work in the HVAC industry typically finish a one or two-year certificate or associate’s degree program that teach students the basic skills they need to become competent HVAC mechanics.

These skills include:

The fundamentals of installing and servicing HVAC units,
The fundamentals of troubleshooting problems with HVAC units,
Basic reading, writing and math skills.

These courses could be taken at a local community college or online. Many adults like to take these courses online because it enables them to work at their own pace.

Accredited Schools Offering HVAC Technician Programs to Seattle Residents

North Seattle Community College (
9600 College Way North
Seattle, Washington 9810

Penn Foster Online University (
P.O. Box 1900
Scranton, PA 18501

Financial Aid Information

For example, the federal government and the state of Washington give residents grants to complete vocational training programs at local community colleges. Students who wish to receive these grants should first fill out the federal government’s FAFSA form for financial aid to see what types of financial aid they could qualify for.