Minneapolis HVAC Technician Schools

What is HVAC?

In today’s economy we are all looking for a career that will enable us to support ourselves and our families on a regular and consistent basis. Because of this many people are turning to specialized training.

What better place to start than in a line of work that will always be in demand. Heating and air conditioning have become a necessity in today’s world. Yes, specialized training is required, but the rewards can be endless.

HVAC systems are everywhere, homes, business offices and schools. These systems are designed to regulate the temperatures, keeping everyone in a comfortable climate controlled building, regardless of the outside temperature. In order for this system to be working at its potential, the system must first be installed properly and regular maintenance scheduled.

An HVAC system is a combination of electrical and mechanical components. With thorough training, and HVAC technician understand all aspects of this system and is able to perform quality installation and maintenance.


In days past, as with any job, most of the training was during your day to day work. But, as our knowledge and technology has grown, so has the requirement for proper training. There are several schools that offer training, specifically in the Minneapolis area you will find:

· Dunwoody College of Technology
· Minneapolis Community and Technology

Both of these schools will train you on how to diagnose the problem, repair it and the proper maintenance required for the different systems. These programs will run 6 month to two years and will require an apprentice program following your education.

Programs are also offered online. Before looking into online training in a field as technical as these, do your research and see what is required of you.

· Ashworth College
· Penn Foster College


Training while you are in school is an important factor in the knowledge part of HVAC. In order to understand the job completely requires field training. This is where the apprentice programs come into play. These programs last from 3 – 5 years and will encompass your classroom training into the field.


It is not a requirement for HVAC technicians to be certified, however, most contractors will ask if you are certified. If you do not have the proper certification you may get passed up fir many jibs to someone who has taken the initiative to get the proper training and certifications.

Requirements for certifications will vary but will include work experience and passing an exam that cover all aspects of HVAC.

Employment Outlook

As with any job in the technical industry, employment for HVAC technicians is expected to grow in record numbers. Keeping your knowledge current with society’s way of thinking is an important selling point when it comes to your education and expertise. An HVAC technician can expect to make on average $40,000 per year, depending on your experience.

Financial Aid

With any accredited school, financial aid is available. Talk to the school you choose, not only will they be able to assist you with financial aid through your local government, but also financial aid through the federal government.