San Diego HVAC Technician Schools

San Diego HVAC Careers- is it for YOU?

San Diego has a high population density along with a long hot summer season making it a great location for prospective HVAC technicians. With the right training a HVAC technician in San Diego has the opportunity to enjoy a long and successful career in the HVAC industry. Work is available in office buildings, manufacturing plants and hospitals to name just a few areas of opportunity.

There are several aspects to the HVAC industry. Mechanics maintain and install heating and refrigeration systems. Service technicians maintain the already installed equipment to ensure air quality in the building. With the advent of the consumer market many family homes now use the same HVAC equipment that large office buildings use. This leads to even further opportunities in the home owners market.

Salaries for HVAC technicians in San Diego

San Diego’s HVAC professionals can make between $13-$20 per hour in their first year. A more experienced technician can earn significantly more. There is also the opportunity to start your own business or work on projects at the weekends as a consultant to further boost your income.

San Diego’s Licensing Requirements for HVAC

Training programs in HVAC are a very good way to enter the industry. Licensing requirements do vary from state to state. Typically both classroom and on the job experience is required to get your license. There are also quite often apprenticeship opportunities available to work at the same time as studying. School modules can include:

Mechanical components
Diagnosing systems
Reading blueprints
Equipment adjusting and testing
System installs

There may be online courses available to you in order to work around your day or night time schedule.

Schools for HVAC Training in San Diego

San Diego City College
1313 Park Blvd.
San Diego, CA 92101

Remington College
123 Camino De La Reina
San Diego, CA 92108

Financial Aid in San Diego

As there is a strong demand for HVAC technicians in San Diego there is a very good possibility of obtaining financial aid to help with the cost of your education. Ask your schools financial aid office for information and applications to see if you qualify for any aid. Also go to the FAFSA website to apply online for federal financial aid to see if you qualify for federal assistance.

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