Chicago HVAC Technician Schools

About HVAC Technician Jobs

Heating ventilating and air conditioning is a growing field. With new technology developing each day technicians and mechanics with new up to date knowledge are high in demand. HVAC technicians are well trained individuals who have the ability to install, maintain and repair heating units, air conditioning units and equipment and electrical aspects of equipment that maintain air quality. If you have been thinking about getting trained for this career, there is no better time than now.


Median salary for heating ventilating and air conditioning technicians and mechanics in the Chicago, IL area is approximately $42,530. Remember, this is an estimation and not guaranteed upon job placement.

Out in the Field

Once you receive your training there are a few decisions that you are going to faced with. Though all technicians and mechanics receive education in both maintenance and installation in most cases you are asked to make a choice as to which aspect of the field you are going to concentrate on though you will be trained and capable of both. There is another decision that you will not have to make right away but will be faced with eventually. The HVAC trade works in both residential dwellings as well as commercial and industrial buildings. Once you have had a little bit of experience in both areas you might feel the need to choose which one you prefer. This will help narrow down your job search and will help you focus in on the jobs that you are more interested in.


Training for heating ventilation and air conditioning can take anywhere from six months to thirteen months. It all depends on the school and program you are enrolled in and whether or not you are taking classes online or in a more traditional setting. Many schools offer you the opportunity to take classes during the day or to take them at night. Most times programs that are offered in the evening hours take a little more time to complete but they do allow you the chance to continue to work while you are going to school.

Figures courtesy of the U.S. Department of Labor’s Occupational Employment & Wages database.