Colorado HVAC Technician Schools

HVAC schools in Colorado will get students ready to design, install, repair and maintain building systems. Students will learn hazard communication, electrical lockout, back protection and hazardous material handling. Also basic safety requirements that apply to the HVAC work settings. Specialized training is also available for system specialists, marketing personnel and power representatives. Online courses are also available for those who are currently working or require a flexible schedule.

HVAC Training Schools in Colorado (CO)

Lincoln Tech

Since 1946, Lincoln Tech has been helping students achieve professional success through personalized career support and hands-on, job-specific education. our in- depth training programs are designed to meet the changing needs of today’s tough job market, and cover a variety of fields, including: Health Sciences, Business and information Technology, Spa & Cosmetology, Automotive Technology, Welding, HVAC and Electrical.

What sets Lincoln Tech apart from other schools? Quite a few things, actually; our training programs emphasize experiential, interactive learning activities - that means you’ll do the job before you take the job. Plus, our Certificate, diploma and associate degree programs are designed to accelerate your entry into the job market by offering a shorter length of training, so you may be earning valuable on-the-job experience before many of your peers do.

But our strengths go beyond that. Our Lincoln instructors possess a combination of seasoned teaching skills, subject matter expertise and real world experience. Plus, we’ve built working partnerships with important industry contacts in your area. So when you graduate, we’ll help you find a good position and start your career off right.

When it comes to choosing a post-secondary educational institution, keep this in mind: our dedication to your success sets us apart from the competition - and the specialized, career-focused training you’ll receive at Lincoln will set you apart from yours. Lincoln Tech offers flexible daytime and evening programs to accommodate your busy schedule.


About HVAC Technician Careers in Colorado

Colorado is showing great overall growth and so careers in the HVAC industry are in high demand. As a result this career choice has tremendous potential for individuals just beginning their work or those individuals looking for a change in their work life. Trained professionals can obtain work in new construction, home rehabilitation and commercial sectors of HVAC work.

HVAC companies in Colorado can range from small family run businesses with just a couple of employees right up to the larger contractors who employ hundreds of technicians. Working for a larger company has the advantage of being able to work your way up to supervisory positions which will have greater responsibility with a larger salary. HVAC system is a part of mechanical engineering and uses thermodynamics, heat transfer and refrigeration. Career opportunities includes the operation and maintenance, system design and construction and equipment manufacturing and sales. Depending on which area is of interest to you, it can be found in Colorado HVAC training.

Average HVAC Salaries in Colorado

Colorado’s HVAC technicians and professionals earn on average $48,770 per year, depending on age and experience. Working for larger companies also has the advantage of providing medical benefits, paid leave and holidays. Experienced HVAC technicians who specialize in a field also have the advantage of having additional income by offering their services as a consultant in the Colorado region.

Financial Aid Information

Students may be eligible for financial aid while training for their HVAC certification in Colorado. It is a good idea to get a FASA application online in order to find out about your eligibility. Check with the schools financial aid representative to obtain further information, applications and eligibility requirements.

Figures courtesy of the U.S. Department of Labor’s Occupational Employment & Wages database.