Montana HVAC Technician Schools

If you have ever given any thought to going into the field of heating ventilation and air conditioning there is no better time than the present. The field of heating ventilation and air conditioning is changing. More and more companies and manufacturers are emphasizing the need to make more energy efficient machines and equipment. Heating ventilation and air conditioning is a very important field. When you think about the importance of heat, proper air quality and ventilation and air conditioning there is no question that this is the field to get into. Currently in the state of Montana the average salary for a heating ventilation and air conditioning technician is in the $42,000 range.


Schooling varies from state to state depending on certification requirements. If you have ever had any technical training then you may be excused from certain core classes that you would otherwise have to take. Classes can be taken online or at a local college university or technical school. If you are going for your associates as well as you HVAC license then you may be in school for a bit longer than other students who are simply going to acquire their certification.

Classes can be taken during the day or in the evening. Technical schools and online programs are usually very flexible with their scheduling. Many programs are aware that you may be working at the same time that you are going to school. In this case you will likely notice that there are a variety of times available for one particular class in order to make getting your education a bit more convenient for you.

When you are going to school you will learn all aspects of the trade though when you go out in the field you will have to choose which aspect to focus on. What is meant by that is the following. You will learn the art of installation, maintenance, and repair while you are in school but once you graduate you will choose one of the three to focus on.

Figures courtesy of the U.S. Department of Labor’s Occupational Employment & Wages database.