North Carolina HVAC Technician Schools

The HVAC profession in North Carolina is a booming field. In the state of North Carolina there is a popularity rate that is high given the population. A person who undergoes the schooling for HVAC will have a good chance of finding a job, since HVAC technicians are always in demand. It is one of the jobs that is hardly affected by the economy since the public will always need someone who can work on heating, venting and air conditioning (HVAC).

Those who are in the field of HVAC work for various people and companies. Those who go into this field many times start their own HVAC company. Since it is a skill that is always used and needed, the job outlook is high and very diverse as to where you could work.

Salary for HVAC Technicians in North Carolina

The salaries of someone working in the HVAC profession in North Caroline vary on the type of job and years of experience. However, a round figure for those who earn the average salary is $39,970 per year. Those who are considered in the bottom salary percentage earn around $25,000 to $27,000. Those who are lucky enough to be in the top of the bracket concerning salary make about $58,000. However, once again these figures vary greatly depending on job title and the industry in which you work.

Educational Requirements for HVAC Technicians in North Carolina

The requirements for HVAC professions in North Carolina vary depending on class and job. All professions require that you take a test with the state to be approved to be licensed. The state also requires 2 years of experience in the field in order to apply for a license. Up to half of this has to be experience in academic or technical training, meaning 30 semester hours. After receiving your license, the state of North Carolina requires 6 additional hours of continuing education every year you want to renew the license. These hours must include 2 on heating and the other 4 on your particular field of license.

Figures courtesy of the U.S. Department of Labor’s Occupational Employment & Wages database.