South Carolina HVAC Technician Schools

The Heating, Ventilation, and Air Conditioning or HVAC profession in the state of South Carolina is exploding with opportunities. With increasing development and existing needs, HVAC technicians are in high demand. HVAC techs possess a variety of skills which allows them to install, repair, and maintain the electrical and mechanical components on commercial, residential, and industrial heating systems. Techs who continue on into the profession long term have many more opportunities open for them. Supervisory and even management positions, or starting their own business is common. HVAC training also gives the tech skills which can be transferred over into other professions such as plumbing.

Salaries for HVAC Technicians in South Carolina

In South Carolina, HVAC Technicians make an average of $38,120 per year, considering their skills and level of education. Many have the opportunity for future advancement and growth with their present employer or prospectively building their own business.

Education Requirements for Becoming an HVAC Tech in South Carolina

HVAC programs are offered by many secondary and post secondary trade schools and community colleges in most areas of the state. Courses run anywhere from six months to two years. During that time they will learn theories of temperature control, equipment design, and electronics. They will also learn how to maintain and repair equipment.

Becoming Certified in HVAC in South Carolina

HVAC Technicians can be trained at a technical or trade school where they may participate in an apprenticeship program with a certified HVAC employer. During this program, technicians will have hands on training by assisting an experienced technician with various jobs starting with things like cleaning equipment and insulating cooling lines, then moving on to more involved tasks. This will last from two to four years where additional testing must be completed before full certification may be issued. Becoming a licensed HVAC contractor in the state of South Carolina involves having a minimum of at least one year hand on work experience under the supervision of a legally licensed HVAC contractor. After that a person must submit an application to the commission, pay a $100 application processing fee, and complete an exam.

Figures courtesy of the U.S. Department of Labor’s Occupational Employment & Wages database.