Wisconsin HVAC Technician Schools

A career is so much more than a job. In today’s economy people are grateful to be able to get up and go to work everyday. If you have an education and a career, it is something that cannot ever be taken away from you. If you are searching for a career where you can learn and grow as well as advance in your field you should pursue the field of heating ventilation and air conditioning. Heating ventilation and air conditioning mechanics and technicians are in high demand. There are jobs constantly being posted in search for trained and certified HVAC technicians and simply not enough certified technicians to fill the spots.


There are many different educational avenues you can choose from when you are searching for a way to gain a heating ventilation and air conditioning certification. One option that you have is of course school and the other is through an apprenticeship. If you choose to gain your certification and education through an apprenticeship you are going to have to work under the guidance of a certified and licensed heating ventilation and air conditioning technician. Your training might take a bit longer than if you were to go to school but through your apprenticeship you will have the opportunity to work in the field and earn some money while you learn.

For many people it is simply more effective to go to school. If you choose to go to school you can take classes online or you can enroll in a local school that offers a program in heating ventilation and air conditioning. If you live in the state of Wisconsin you have a few choices for online study as well as a number of choices for a more traditional educational experience.

Figures courtesy of the U.S. Department of Labor’s Occupational Employment & Wages database.