Denver HVAC Technician Schools

About Denver HVAC Careers

A career in HVAC is a rewarding and technically challenging one that has a bright future. Working as an HVAC technician can involve a variety of duties including installation of new units and systems, maintenance and service of existing systems, and upgrading or replacing outdated and damaged items. The demand for skilled

HVAC technicians has never been higher in the Denver area, and this field covers industrial, medical, commercial, and residential applications. HVAC technicians tend to focus on one of the two main aspects of installation and service, even though their training covers both. Installation commonly involves hook up and testing of new systems, compliance with state and federal safety building codes, and merging new systems with existing ones while the maintenance side focuses on the day to day operation of the systems.

Job Outlook and Salaries for Denver HVAC Careers

The HVAC field is one that has been growing all across the country, and the Denver area is no exception. The need for experienced HVAC workers is particularly high in Denver due to the cold climate and tough winter conditions. Average salaries for HVAC specialists in Denver range from around forty-three thousand to as much as fifty-five thousand per year, and the typical work week is forty hours or more depending on the current demand.

Educational Requirements for a Denver HVAC Specialist

Education for a career in HVAC is a mix of subjects with some of the core topics being:

Air Flow Mechanics
Heating and Cooling Mechanics
Electrical Design and Maintenance
Building and Safety Codes
Mechanical Design

In addition to these topics, technicians will also be expected to possess accreditation from groups like the Partnership for Air Conditioning, Heating, and Refrigeration Accreditation, as well as the HVAC Excellence certification. Recent graduates will also be expected to complete an internship before being recognized as a seasoned technician. HVAC specialists need to continually update their skills and training to stay competitive in this rapidly growing field. Luckily, there are several options available including online courses and traditional colleges.

HVAC Training in Denver

Emily Griffith Opportunity School
1250 Welton Street
Denver, CO 80204

Redstone College
10851 West 120th Avenue
Broomfield, CO 80021-3465

Financial Assistance for Denver HVAC Students

There are several different financial assistance programs for students that meet the requirements, and most schools will have assistants on hand to help you. One of the first places to start is to familiarize yourself with the federal FAFSA application to see if you qualify for federal assistance. Another great resource for Denver students is the Colorado Commission on Higher Education at