San Antonio HVAC Technician Schools

San Antonio HVAC Training Career Opportunities

Mechanics that maintain and install heating, ventilation and air conditioning systems (HVAC) will have a growing demand for their skills. The United State Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) has estimated a steady job growth of 8.7% through 2016. Many people can find HVAC career opportunities through San Antonio HVAC training schools.

Graduates of HVAC training may find themselves working in residential homes, hospitals, factories, corporate offices, schools and in local or federal office buildings. HVAC professionals work with climate control systems to maintain a safe and comfortable environment for people and perishable items such as medicine. The BLS expects HVAC mechanics to find more jobs available as our population and industries continue to expand. Here are some typical jobs for HVAC training school graduates:

Air conditioning service technician
Field service technician
Refrigeration mechanic
Solar energy system installer
HVAC installer (heating, ventilation, and air conditioning)

San Antonio HVAC Annual Salary

Jobs that are associated with HVAC technicians include HVAC engineers and a manager of plant facilities. Here is a range of annual salaries for in the San Antonio, Texas area:

Heating, ventilation, air conditioning and refrigeration installers and mechanics - $35,360
Environmental engineer technicians - $42,999
Environmental engineer - $76,810
Engineering managers - $110,030

San Antonio HVAC Training Education

HVAC employers usually look for individuals that earned a certificate through a formal training technical school. The HVAC program is a 2 year Associate’s degree. You can learn the basics of repairing and problem solving refrigeration and HVAC climate control systems. You may work with systems like:

Refrigeration circuits
HVAC Ethernet controls accessed by a web browser

When you graduate you will have hands-on experience working with HVAC systems and be ready to start in the workplace. The HVAC associate’s degree program can teach you about:

Thermal controls
Air distribution
Refrigeration and HVAC systems
HVAC and refrigeration safety

Refrigeration and HVAC refrigeration mechanics often interact with building planners and architects to problem solve and construct climate control systems during their careers.

San Antonio HVAC Training Schools

St. Philips College
1801 Martin Luther King Drive
San Antonio, Texas 78203-2098

Everest Institute
6550 1st Park 10 Boulevard
San Antonio, TX 78213-4302

Financial Aid
One of best resources to receive financial aid is the the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA). This program is run by the US government and offers grants, student loans and work-study programs. Their website is